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Release Management

Line graphFor release managers various reports are available to facilitate the provisioning of correct baselines to be deployed in selected pre-production environments and production environments.

Typical questions that fit in this category relate to identifying situations in which the release management rules are not respected, such as: What happens outside the release management weekends? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard report INSOVVW may answer, are:

  • Which userids and/or teams have how many change packages installed in production during non release windows?
  • Which CMN/ZMF applications have a lot of packages installed outside the release weekends?

Reports in this category

  • INSOVVW - Recently INSed packages overview.
  • PCDLNODM - Deleted components without demote.
  • PCHISTRY - Component level promo history.
  • PCLVLCNT - Components residing in a PRM level.
  • PCNOPRM - Never promoted package components.
  • PCQUEUE - Components waiting (re-)promote.
  • PKGBYDTE - Packages by INSTALL date.
  • PKGUNPLD - Unplanned BAS packages.
  • QUEUEPRM - PRM requests being processed.

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