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Dr. Chgman's Z-Factory AbitMORE also offers a suite of high quality services and solution packs via,. It is the place to be for plug-and-play software solutions for ChangeMan ZMF, accessible via the Z-Factory and organised in categories such as:

  • CMN2Go: ChangeMan ZMF extensions providing extra functions in various steps of the lifecycle.
  • CMNAdmin: Tools to simplify ChangeMan ZMF's global and application administration.
  • Console: ChangeMan ZMF extensions used by a ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk or by production control.
  • SCMBeans: Reusable software components to simplify the development of additional ChangeMan ZMF customizations.
  • TuneUps: Facilities and techniques toenhance ChangeMan ZMF performance and reduce resource consumption.
  • Plugins: Software packages to implement frequently asked SCM concepts and facilities not (yet) available in vanilla ChangeMan ZMF.

For more details, checkout, and consider signing up for a free membership.

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