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ChangeMan ZMF Performance Tuning

ChangeMan ZMF is like your garden, you'll have to “weed” so now and then (preferably daily). If you don't do so, little by little all sorts of obsolete information will be stored in ChangeMan ZMF, and in the long run the ChangeMan ZMF performance will go down exponentially. Various reports are available to facilitate the discovery of various situations that should be considered for removal or cleanup.

Typical questions that fit in this category relate to identifying obsolete change packages and obsolete package components, such as: How can the number of change packages in CMNPMAST be reduced? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard report PKGEMPTY may answer, are:

  • The daily housekeeping jobs (i.e. backups) are taking too long.
  • The size of CMNPMAST has gotten out of control (which in turn causes huge performance problems).

Reports in this category

  • CMPNOCHG - Components in STG without changes.
  • DEADCKOS - DEAD checkout requests.
  • DEADPKGS - Packages with no recent updates.
  • EXPDPKGS - Expired packages.
  • PCORPHN - Orphan component promotion history.
  • PKGEMPTY - Empty packages.
  • PKGS2AGE - BAS packages waiting to be aged.
  • PPHISOBS - Obsolete package promotion history.

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