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Company history

We have a long history with mainframe SCM, especially with ChangeMan ZMF. Part of that history even dates from before 2000 (the year that AbitMORE was founded).

Here are some of the highlights of it:

  • Company history1990: Get started with Change Man ZMF 3.2.1b (via SERENA’s BeNeLux rep).
  • 1992: ChangeMan ESF option (= beat DDT’s “can’t do it”, because it required long name support and staging libraries in VSAM format).
  • 1993: CMNEX* exits for ZMF’s audit (= audit-à-la-carte by Mr. Audit).
  • 1995: ChangeMan IDMS option (using CMNAPI), upgraded in 2008 to AbitMORE SCM for IDMS/ADSO (using XML services to replace the outdated CMNAPIs) as a modern interface to ChangeMan ZMF (= alternative to Endevor DB).
  • 1996: Implement ChangeMan ESF option around the world (+ 10 sites).
  • 1998: AbitMORE SCM goes private (= provide senior consulting services for ChangeMan ZMF to SERENA Software).
  • 1999: Launch and sponsoring of ChangeMan ZMF BeNeLux user group (= yearly event, every 2nd Wed of Dec).
  • 2002: Alternative for ChangeMan ZMF's APS option (which was perceived as insufficient for the customer's needs).
  • 2003AbitMORE SCM Reporting, a ChangeMan ZMF option to facilitate and simplify the creation of reports and/or graphs in  ChangeMan ZMF.
  • 2004: Certification by SERENA Software for using ChangeMan ZMF's XML services (prerequisite for using yellow XML services).
  • 2005: AbitMORE SCM Helpdesk for ChangeMan ZMF (which typically reduces the number of helpdesk calls with up to 70% in 6 months or less).
  • 2006: AbitMORE SCM Commander, a ChangeMan ZMF option which includes all sorts of capabilities to address many of the pains and missing features in the vanilla version (as delivered by SERENA) of the XML services for ChangeMan ZMF.
  • 2007: SERENA accepted AbitMORE as the exclusive platinum sponsor of the SERENA global user conference in Chicago (USA).
  • 2008: Acquisition of all ChangeMan ZMF related assets from SERENA’s former BeNeLux rep.
  • 2009: XML training for ChangeMan ZMF, including a 1 day XML workshop (getting started with XML in ChangeMan ZMF) and a 2 to 5 days intensive XML training (XML boot camp).
  • 2010Dr Chgman, a website which offers lots of high quality products, documentation, services and training for ChangeMan ZMF. These offerings reflect our many (over 100 ...) years of ChangeMan ZMF experience and are made available via self service (you do it) or outsourcing (you let us do it)
  • 2011: Support for selected RED xml srvcs in AbitMORE SCM Commander, approved by SERENA.
  • 2012: XML support in AbitMORE SCM Reporting, incuding support for ChangeMan ZMF 7.1.x.
  • 2013: ChangeMan ZMF automation via AbitMORE SCM Commander’s XML macros.

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