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Dr.Chgman - mascotteAbitMORE offers a suite of high quality services and solution packs via, which is the place to be for:

  • plug-and-play software solutions for ChangeMan ZMF, accessible via the Z-Factory.
  • all sorts of information and in depth documentation about ChangeMan ZMF, located within the Z-Wiki.
  • on demand remote consultancy services for ChangeMan ZMF, available via the Z-Consults.
  • ChangeMan ZMF training offered in the format of eLearning, via the Z-University.

Members and subscribers have access to site content and services depending on their level of membership. Full membership includes a subscription to software solutions that can be easily tuned to any ChangeMan ZMF implementation (fully compliant with all supported G.A. releases of ChangeMan ZMF). Online consulting and mentoring provided by AbitMORE's SCM experts is another benefit available to certain membership levels.

For more details, checkout or any of the links above, and consider signing up for a free membership. If you have any questions,  suggestions or remarks on this please let us know!)

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