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Getting Started with AbitMORE SCM Reporting

These reports illustrate specific ASR features. The report description is an indication of the actual feature used in it. New ASR users should consider starting with the first set of reports (to get started), in the order specified. The second set of reports (advanced features) is intended for rather experienced ASR users.

Reports in this category (to get started)

  • SPLDEMO - Sample of AbM SCM Reporting.
  • SPLNOTTL - Sample report without title/footer.
  • VARRPTUS - Sample using report variable &RPTUSER.
  • VARTODAY - Sample using report variable &TODAY.
  • VARZUSER - Sample using ispf variable &ZUSER.
  • VARNULL - Sample using report variable &NULL.
  • VARTIME - Sample using CURRENT TIME.
  • VARYEAR - Sample using CURRENT YEAR.
  • SPLLIKE - Sample using LIKE operator.
  • PKGBYTTL - Sample using TITLE substring.

Reports in this category (advanced features)

  • VARFLDRF - Sample using FIELD REFS.
  • SPLBSKIN - Sample using BASKET IN.
  • VAREXTNL - Sample using EXTERNAL VARS.
  • SPLPANEL - Sample using REPORT PANEL.
  • CMPPMAST - Component history with package master lookup.
  • CMPUSRFL - User fields in CMNCMPNT.
  • PKGENVIR - Pkgs from multiple envirs.
  • SPLTOUGH - Sample of a tough report.

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