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ChangeMan ZMF Reports in ASR format

These reports are, to a certain extend, equivalent to a subset of the reports delivered with ChangeMan ZMF, but now created with ASR‟s technology. To get a better understanding about which ASR reports in this category matches with which ChangeMan ZMF report, just change the “ASR” in the ReportId to “CMN” and you‟ll have the corresponding report id in ChangeMan ZMF.

The ASR version of these reports give you access to all features and facilities that come with ASR (report variables, versioning, basket formats, etc), and also that various disadvantages of ChangeMan ZMF reports do not apply to the ASR based reports. To just mention a few:

  • No need to know anything about the REXX programming language or about ChangeMan ZMF's XML services.
  • Various XML limitations (limiting what you can report about with the XML based reports) do not apply to the ASR based reports.
  • Customization of ASR based reports is straight forward (as compared to XML based reports for which typically only ChangeMan ZMF administrators might have appropriate knowledge).
  • Virtually any ASR user can customize any ASR report using ASR‟s intuitive user interface (and doesn't have to line up in the queue to get the ChangeMan ZMF administrator to develop the customization, which sometimes takes days, weeks if not months …).
  • By delegating ChangeMan ZMF reporting to the ChangeMan ZMF (actually ASR …) users, the ChangeMan ZMF administrator will have more time for real ChangeMan ZMF administrator tasks.

Reports in this category

  • ASR010 - PLN/UNPL pkgs summary.
  • ASR050 - INSed pkgs hist - all.
  • ASR060 - INSed pkgs hist - PLN.
  • ASR110 - Work request number report.
  • ASR120 - UNPL pkgs pending post approval.
  • ASR130 - Backed out packages.
  • ASR140 - Rejected packages ASR180 - Component history.
  • ASR200 - Source and load.
  • ASR210 - Utility (scratch) requests.
  • ASR240 - Activity summary APPL.
  • ASR250 - Activity summary DEPT.
  • ASR260 - Implementation schedule.
  • ASR500A - Package activities dates.
  • ASR500B - Package site information.
  • ASR500C - Package approval list.
  • ASR500D - Package content ASR500E - Package source to load.
  • ASR500F - Package promotion history.

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