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AbitMORE SCM Commander - Highlights

  • Do more with less, quickly and securely, without the traditional learning curve or expertise normally required for XML and advanced ChangeMan ZMF customizations.
  • Extend ChangeMan ZMF's functionality with little-to-no training or customization.
  • Front-end to XML services, including extensive search facilities, output formatting capabilities and online request/result tag documentation.
  • Mass execution of any XML service, including special features related to error handling and workload balancing towards the ChangeMan ZMF started task.
  • JCL can be saved and then scheduled for daily, weekly, or monthly execution.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Code generation features allow for rapid development of XML applications and simplify future ChangeMan ZMF release upgrade efforts.
  • Bi-directional interface with AbitMORE SCM Reporting.
  • Using the ASC-administration facility, any XML service or ASC solution can be completely secured via your own security system, alternatively enabled or disabled.
  • Little or no training or customization required.
  • Thorough set of XML based ready to use solutions shipped with ASC to get you up and running right away.
  • Compliant with all supported G.A. releases of ChangeMan ZMF.

book | by Dr. Radut