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AbitMORE SCM Reporting - Categories

Each of the built-in reports have been assigned a unique report category, which facilitates the review and use of these reports. Read more »

Basket processing

Using XML services in ChangeMan ZMF (CMN/ZMF) is great. It has allowed many CMN/ZMF users to create all sorts of customizations and applications that interface with CMN/ZMF, all based on the XML services that are delivered with CMN/ZMF.However, many of these CMN/ZMF users also want to automate various tasks that are typically repeated for a “list” of: Read more »

AbitMORE SCM Commander - Features

Using an intuitive user interface, AbitMORE SCM Commander (ASC) unleashes the power of ChangeMan ZMF's XML services to ChangeMan ZMF administrators and authorized ChangeMan ZMF users. Read more »

Parallel development notifications for IDMS/ADSO

Because of the close integration of AbitMORE SCM for IDMS/ADSO with ChangeMan ZMF, various parallel development features included in ChangeMan ZMF automagically become available for IDMS/ Read more »

Source-to-load relationships for IDMS/ADSO

To complete the checkin request for an IDMS/ADSO component, ChangeMan ZMF will submit a batch job. Read more »

Bill of material to audit IDMS/ADSO components

The batch job that ChangeMan ZMF submits at the end of a checkin request for an IDMS/ADSO component, performs all sorts of processing to prepare for the migration of the IDMS/ADSO component to test Read more »

ChangeMan ZMF package with IDMS/ADSO components

After the checkin of one or more IDMS/ADSO components in ChangeMan ZMF completed, they show up in the package content list as illustrated in the screen-print below (via the component names and type Read more »

Component attributes and processing options

To checkin and stage IDMS/ADSO components in ChangeMan ZMF, an IDMS/ADSO developer uses the traditional ChangeMan ZMF features available to do so. Typically using the CMNSTG04 panel for that. Read more »

Service Level Measurement

GraphicsAt some point in the life of any ChangeMa Read more »

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