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AbitMORE SCM Helpdesk Highlights

Operate a ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk

  • Implement and operate a ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk (including training).
  • By certified SCM experts who are easily accessible and always available, and equiped with a (limited use) license of AbitMORE SCM Reporting and AbitMORE SCM Commander.
  • By phone, eMail or ticketing system during business hours (from your location or remotely).
  • Targeted to all levels (new, experienced, occasional, ...) of ChangeMan ZMF users.
  • Compliant to predefined SLAs.
  • ITIL-based registration of all helpdesk calls with periodic reporting of all calls.
  • Apply emergency customizations (work arounds) for ChangeMan ZMF issues.

Watch duty services

  • 24h/day, 7d/week on-call availability.
  • Compliant to predefined SLAs.
  • Reporting of all watch duty calls.
  • Management escalation where needed.

Routine ChangeMan ZMF maintenance

  • ChangeMan ZMF administration.
  • ChangeMan ZMF application boarding.
  • ChangeMan ZMF housekeeping.
  • ChangeMan ZMF performance enhancements.
  • ChangeMan ZMF space management.
  • ChangeMan ZMF tuning of resource consumption.
  • Suggest enhancements for ChangeMan ZMF customisations to reduce the number of helpdesk calls and/or watch duty interventions.

ChangeMan ZMF fixes and enhancements

  • Create and maintain ChangeMan ZMF user documentation.
  • QA testing of new ChangeMan ZMF customisations.
  • Develop and implement ChangeMan ZMF enhancement requests.
  • Participate in ChangeMan ZMF related DRP-testing.

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