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AbitMORE SCM Commander - Features

Using an intuitive user interface, AbitMORE SCM Commander (ASC) unleashes the power of ChangeMan ZMF's XML services to ChangeMan ZMF administrators and authorized ChangeMan ZMF users. ASC allows for searching for XML services and execute these services quickly and easily, either online or in batch.

The complex XML structures are concealed, secured and inaccessible directly, while extensive output formatting capabilities are available. ASC’s code generation facilities enable the rapid development of various XML based applications that interface with CMN/ZMF, using SERENA’s XML clients. The basket technology included in ASC enables the execution of any XML service against a set of change packages, components, applications, DSNs, etc.

Here are some of the key features included in AbitMORE SCM Commander:

  • Basket processing which enables mass execution of any XML service and which includes special features related to error handling and workload balancing towards the CMN/ZMF started task.
  • Front-end to XML services, including extensive search facilities, output formatting capabilities and online request/result tag documentation.
  • Code generation features allow for rapid development of XML applications and simplify future CMN/ZMF release upgrade efforts.
  • Analyzing differences in XML services and its related input or output tags between any 2 versions of XML compliant releases of CMN/ZMF.

For more details (and previews) about these features, checkout any of the links below.

book | by Dr. Radut