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Application Administration

Reports in this category all relate to reports with “Info Type = A” (i.e. about data concerning ChangeMan ZMF application administration options A.A.1, A.A.3 and A.A.4). Based on the same reporting features and facilities for change packages and components, all reports can be easily customized also.

Typical questions that fit in this category relate to identifying missing or outdated options within application administration, such as: Which applications administration options are incomplete? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard report ADMLNGNP (or ADMPRCNL) may answer, are:

  • Languages defined in A.A.3, which are not used (anymore) in A.A.4 (staging procedures).
  • Staging procedures defined in A.A.4, which refer to languages that are not defined (anymore) in A.A.3.

Reports in this category (to get started)

  • ADMLNGS - Admin languages.
  • ADMPRCS - Admin compile procedures.

Reports in this category (advanced features)

  • ADMLNGNP - Admin languages (no compile procs).
  • ADMNOLP - Admin NO language and NO compile procedures.
  • ADMPRCNL - Admin compile procedures (no languages).

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