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The virtual meeting place for mainframe SCM professionals

Logo SCM.PlaceTo.Be SCM.PlaceTo.Be is an online forum to facilitate the implementation, maintenance, and day-to-day usage of mainframe SCM products such as SERENA ChangeMan ZMF or CA Endevor SCM. Although targeted towards administrators and users (such as developers, managers, operations control, etc.), SCM.PlaceTo.Be is accessible to anyone with an interest in ChangeMan ZMF or Endevor SCM.

The visitor has a wide selection of resources to choose from. There are articles written by SCM experts as well as product overviews. SCM.PlaceTo.Be also features a calendar of events highlighting seminars, webinars, new product releases and breaking news in the SCM domain. Various communication facilities, including user groups, forums, focus groups and polls, enable members to share their SCM experiences.

SCM.PlaceTo.Be is proudly sponsored by a group of independent consultants and experts in the field of SERENA ChangeMan ZMF and/or CA Endevor SCM. It is not affiliated, in whole or in part, with Serena Software, Inc. or CA, Inc. or any subsidiary thereof.

The role of AbitMORE (as a company offering products and services in the mainframe SCM area) in SCM.PlaceTo.Be is limited to facilitating the initiative by offering the required internet infrastructure and know-how for it (AbitMORE's contribution as a sponsor of SCM.PlaceTo.Be), not to be confused with AbitMORE's offering via

Access the full suite of features and facilities by becoming a member at SCM.PlaceTo.Be (registration is required, but free!).

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