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AbitMORE SCM Reporting - Highlights

  • grapical reporting outputCreate and distribute powerful custom and ad-hoc reports or graphics about real-time and/or archived ChangeMan ZMF data related to packages, components and events.
  • Includes typical reporting features like logical and/or DB2-like operators to select the desired data, sorting and grouping of data, summary reports only, etc.
  • Reporting output can be formatted as a traditional reports or in CSV format that can be processed by a CSV compliant application (e.g. to create graphics from it).
  • The reports may be further automated by report variables like user id, reporting date, reporting time, etc, which may be used to create libraries of reports used by different users.
  • May be used as an alternative in situations where currently available CMN/XML services fail today (e.g. to process huge volumes, or to report about data for which no appropriate XML service exists).traditional report output
  • Includes an online storage facility for aged ChangeMan ZMF information, which reduces  storage requirements (CMNPMAST) dramatically and which enhances overall  ChangeMan ZMF performance.
  • Bi-directional interface with AbitMORE SCM Commander
  • Reports can be kept online or transmitted to the user's workstation.
  • Reports can be scheduled for automatic  execution (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), e.g. as part of daily housekeeping procedures and/or via job scheduling systems.
  • Shipped with a catalog (solution packs) of about 150 standard report solutions for multiple target audiences (users).
  • Intuitive user interface that does not require any programming language skills. 
  • Easy installation of the software (a matter of minutes), no need for extensive user training.
  • Compliant with all supported G.A. releases of ChangeMan ZMF.


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