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AbitMORE SCM Reporting - Solutions

ASR is shipped with a set of about 150 built-in reports and/or graphics (and the list keeps growing with new releases). They are designed to get you up and running (and productive) with ASR right after you start using ASR. Each of the built-in reports has been assigned a unique report category, which facilitates the review and use of these reports.

These built-in reports were developed (using ASR of course …) with these design objectives in mind:

  • Deliver reports that simplify the day to day usage of ChangeMan ZMF (to increase productivity), for various types of users (administrators, developers, release managers, helpdesk operators, etc).
  • Package AbitMORE's decades of ChangeMan ZMF field experience in specific reports that will result in ChangeMan ZMF performance improvements, ChangeMan ZMF resource consumption reduction, ChangeMan ZMF integrity enhancements, etc.
  • Avoid hard-coded reporting criteria by using predefined and/or external variables where possible, so that you get a lot of benefit already from just running (generating) the reports in your own environment (without even editing the delivered reporting criteria, only by specifying the appropriate values for the used variables).
  • Illustrate all sorts of features and facilities that come with ASR.

Many of these reports should be considered for running them automatically, e.g. as part of the daily ChangeMan ZMF housekeeping jobs. The automatic creation of these reports might be combined with delivering the report outputs as attached files in an eMail to all parties interested in receiving them. By formatting reports as baskets (a kind of CSV file format), they can be processed by any 3rd party software (like spreadsheet applications) that accepts CSV as input format.

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