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Library Types Analysis

Sometimes questions arise about yes or no enhancing or correcting the implementation of a specific ChangeMan ZMF library type. But before deciding to actually do so, an inventory about the actual situation is needed. These reports will facilitate such analysis requirements.

Typical questions that fit in this category relate to possible conversion efforts that may be needed for components stored in ongoing (non-BAS) packages, such as: Which components in non-BAS packages would have to be considered for some type of conversion? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard report CMPUPDTS may answer, are:

  • Estimate the volume of impacted components to be considered (are there just a few, or maybe tons of them?).
  • Measure the progress over time about the number of components left in non-BAS packages (e.g. if the used conversion approach is to just wait for all impacted components to just disappear via packages BASed or via components being restaged or deleted from staging)?.

Reports in this category

  • CMPSCOP - CPY/PDS package components.
  • CMPSILOD - ILOD package components.
  • CMPSNLC - NONE LOD package components.
  • CMPSSRC - Like SRC package components.
  • CMPUPDTS - Non-BAS components by libtype.
  • LTPSILOD - Libtypes stored as ILODs.
  • LTPSNLC - Libtypes stored as none-ILODs.

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