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AbitMORE SCM Solutions

AbitMORE Racing - planned maintenanceAbitMORE is a global distributor of various solutions (product options) for SERENA ChangeMan ZMF, such as:

The expertise and know-how included in these solutions are illustrations of extremely powerful extensions of  SERENA ChangeMan ZMF, taking advantage of the SERENA XML services (for which AbitMORE is certified also by SERENA for its expertise).

Wether you are a new user or an experienced user of SERENA ChangeMan ZMF, these product options will prove invaluable to you. They have been created to specifically address needs that we at AbitMORE consistently encountered while performing various types of consulting services at many SCM implementations around the world.

In addition to these products, we also offer SCM product options for SERENA ChangeMan ZMF, to support various exotic programming languages such as:

For a more detailed description about any of these products, checkout any of the links below (if you have any questions,  suggestions or remarks about any of these services please let us know !):

book | by Dr. Radut