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AbitMORE SCM Commander

AbitMORE SCM Commander - mascotte

Using an intuitive user interface, AbitMORE SCM Commander (ASC) unleashes the power of ChangeMan ZMF's XML services to administrators and authorized end users. It's an XML based ISPF application that interfaces with ChangeMan ZMF, using SERENA's XML clients.

ASC allows a ChangeMan ZMF user to search for XML services (eg: to find the XML service to update the appl in use flag) and execute these services quickly and easily, either online or in batch.

The complex XML structures are concealed, secured and inaccessible directly, while extensive output formatting capabilities are available. ASC's code generation facilities enables the rapid development of various XML based applications that interface with ChangeMan ZMF.

The built-in solutions (= standard solutions delivered with ASC) provide answers for many of the common requests that ChangeMan ZMF administrators are asked daily. They can be scheduled to run on demand, online or in batch, or via your scheduling system.

The basket processing features included in ASC enables the execution of any XML service against a set of change packages, components or applications.

The ASC Solution Center consists of a comprehensive set of XML based solutions to get you up and running right away.

There are plenty of real world situations where ASC not just comes in handy, but usually turns out to be the very only solution available to get some specific task completed in ChangeMan ZMF. And if there would be alternatives available anyway, those will typically not even come close to ASC's capabilities as it relates to:

  • The speed to get something done using ASC (a matter of seconds or minutes, instead of usually hours ...if not days ... or even weeks/months).
  • The flexibility (agility?) of what can be done with ASC. This typically relates to all sorts (dozens, hundreds?) of variations that exist when it comes to using XML services.
  • The quality of any work completed using ASC: when we say "done", we just mean "done" ... trust us.
  • The know-how included in ASC: we've been using XML services for about a decade now (we were one of the very first adopters of XML services, starting with a background then of using CMNAPI, CMNAPI2 and RPCs already for over a decade also). So we've done it, we've been there, we've seen it before.

For more details AbitMORE SCM Commander, review the list of real world use cases, or checkout any of the links below.

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