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ChangeMan ZMF Production Control Dashboard

ChartPeople in the production control area often don't have a lot of experience as a ChangeMan ZMF user (also because they are rather occasional users). Various reports are available to assist them in their job of approving production updates and following up on the correct and complete production activation cycle.

Typical questions that fit in this category relate to some type of dashboard overview about what ChangeMan ZMF is doing, or is about to start doing in the production area, such as: For which packages is an action (like approve or install job monitoring) needed? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard reports like APPR* or QUEUE* may answer, are:

  • Which packages are waiting (final) approval (true, there is a ChangeMan ZMF query for that … but not intuitive enough to use by occasional ChangeMan ZMF users)?
  • Which package installation activities (like DIS, INS or BAS-jobs) are still ongoing (or worse: seem to not make any progress anymore for quite some time)?

Reports in this category

  • APPRFINL - Packages to final approve
  • APPRPKGS - Approved non-BAS packages.
  • QUEUEDIS - DIS packages being installed.
  • QUEUEINS - INS packages being baselined.
  • QUEUEREV - BAK packages waiting REVERT.
  • QUEUETCC - TMP packages in progress.

asr_report | by Dr. Radut