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AbitMORE SCM Helpdesk Solutions

  • Clean up orphan ChangeMan ZMF data sets.
  • Maintain space allocations of all ChangeMan ZMF DSNs.
  • Define and/or maintain ChangeMan ZMF applications.
  • Verify (and correct if needed) the startup of all ChangeMan ZMF started tasks at the start of business.
  • Create custom reports to answer typical questions that usually end up at the ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk, using AbitMORE SCM Reporting.
  • Investigate outdated security entities and authorizations.
  • Reassign packages and/or components from userids that left the company.
  • Process standard ChangeMan ZMF requests (e.g.: move components from one application to another or from one package to another, a common ChangeMan ZMF issue).
  • Use XML services to apply all sorts of updates in ChangeMan ZMF (e.g. to update some jobparms in lots of ChangeMan ZMF applications), using AbitMORE SCM Commander.
  • ... and "AlotMORE" (not just "Abit"!).

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