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About AbitMORE SCM University

SCM training from the SCM experts

Various levels of mentoring and training are available, targeted towards either end-users or administrators of ChangeMan ZMF, with train the trainer (s) classes being an interesting alternative to traditional, large training sessions.eLearning features are also available and workshops are offered as yet another alternative. All of our instructors are backed by years of experience and most posess certifications in areas such as ITIL and/or ChangeMan ZMF XML services. The AbitMORE SCM University offers training in areas such as implementation, ChangeMan ZMF XML services, ChangeMan ZMF administration, end-user functions , and a lot (not just Abit...) more! 

The offerings also include ITIL training, as well as training on how to organize and run a ChangeMan ZMF helpdesk efficiently.The training classes can be specifically designed to meet your individual needs  (e.g.: tailored to the ChangeMan ZMF usage and customizations in place, size of the group, etc.). The language used during the training sessions (like English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian ...) may vary from one training session to another, depending on needs and preferences. Most training sessions include hands-on exercises. Based on our experience in the SCM area, we strongly believe that investments made in training will typically result in a reduced volume of helpdesk calls and support interventions, combined with a higher productivity of the users.

When it comes to teaching special topics, like XML services in ChangeMan ZMF, AbitMORE can rely also on specific add on products (such as AbitMORE SCM Commander) that facilitates such teaching, while it also reduces the learning curve.

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