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ChangeMan ZMF Implementation Analysis

3D Pie ChartEvery ChangeMan ZMF installation ever started from a brand new and clean ChangeMan ZMF implementation. But as time goes on, some of the implemented security entities, site names, library types, etc become obsolete. As a variation, some customisations may have become too complex to apply new maintenance to it. Worst of all is when one or more of the original ChangeMan ZMF administrators move on to another job and a new ChangeMan ZMF administrator has to take it over (usually not with a lot of documentation available, and/or with documentation that is outdated). That‟s where the reports in this category will turn out to be extremely valuable, they will report about the actual, current implementation.

Typical questions that fit in this category relate to attempts to get a better understanding of how some of the legacy code looks like, such as: Which applications are using which programming language? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard report LNGSMMRY may answer, are:

  • Estimate the effort needed to upgrade to a new version of a compiler.
  • How can you safely remove an outdated staging procedure in ChangeMan ZMF administration and from the skeleton library?

Another type of questions that fit in this category relates to reverse engineering part of the ChangeMan ZMF implementation, such as: What are the possible values for USROPT13 for library type SRC? Some real world situations to illustrate the reasons for this question, which standard report USROPVAL may answer, are:

  • Which user option can we (safely) use for a new customization?
  • Which components are impacted by a new rule we want to enforce?

Reports in this category

  • APPRORPH - Orphan package approval entities.
  • CMPDB2FL - Components with DB2PC=Y.
  • CMPEXCPL - Compile option exceptions.
  • CMPEXLNK - Linkage option exceptions.
  • CMPSLOCK - Locked package components.
  • COBEXCPT - COBOL language exceptions.
  • LNGSMMRY - Component language summary.
  • OBSILODS - Obsoleted ILODs (non-BAS).
  • PRDSITES - Invalid PROD sites.
  • USROPVAL - Summary of user option values.
  • XNODERFR - XNODEs to refresh.

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