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Bill of material to audit IDMS/ADSO components

The batch job that ChangeMan ZMF submits at the end of a checkin request for an IDMS/ADSO component, performs all sorts of processing to prepare for the migration of the IDMS/ADSO component to test- and/or production areas later on. Part of this processing relates to producing the bill of material for the IDMS/ADSO component being processed. The screen-print here shows such bill of material for an IDMS/ADSO dialog.

Bill of material to audit IDMS/ADSO components in ChangeMan ZMF

This bill of material is used within AbitMORE SCM for IDMS/ADSO for all sorts of audit and/or impact analysis processing.

Note: the technique used here is a sample of how AbitMORE implements (for many years already) "user defined relationships" in ChangeMan ZMF, a commonly known enhancement request for ChangeMan ZMF. This request was initially submitted by "us" back in ... 1991(during the first ChangeMan ZMF global user conference ever, in the famous Fairmont hotel in San Francisco). In the user voting it ended up then as nr 11 (on the top 100 of enhancement requests for ChangeMan ZMF) ... and selective backout was nr 1 on the list. Both requests are still outstanding as of today. The technique itself may get published some day in Dr. Chgman's Z-Wiki ...

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