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Find the XML service to update the appl in use flag

Summary: How to search (or find) the XML service that is available for updating the "application in use" indicator. Read more »

Generate REXX with an XML to update the appl in use flag

Summary: Develop a REXX procedure using appropriate XML service(s) for updating the "application in use" indicator (e.g. in a batch job during ChangeMan ZMF housekeeping). Read more »

Basket processing applied to ASR report PCORPHN

Summary: Create a basket of orphan component promotion history records (using ASR's built-in report PCORPHN). Then use ASC's basket processing to remove all these orphan component promotion history entries. Read more »

BAS packages waiting to be aged

Summary: List all BAS packages baselined before a given date. Read more »

Report Specs: 

Pkgs not aged yet / pkg archive candidates - specs

Backed out packages waiting revert

Summary: List all packages installed in production and backed out afterwards, but not yet reverted to DEV again. Read more »

Report Specs: 

Backed out packages waiting revert - specs

Packages without DIS acknowledgement

Summary: List all packages distributed to production, but for which some handshaking data seems to be missing. Read more »

Report Specs: 

Packages without DIS acknowledgement - specs

ChangeMan ZMF Helpdesk Dashboard

Pie chartPeople at a ChangeMan ZMF helpdes Read more »

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