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Backed out packages waiting revert

Summary: List all packages installed in production and backed out afterwards, but not yet reverted to DEV again.

This is a variation of packages reverted from production (checkout this link for more background info about such packages). Both reports are about packages that have been installed in production and then backed out again, but the major difference (nuance?) between both reports is related to the selection criteria used to select packages, which is either:

  • NE DEV (package status) combined with backout date: these packages have not (yet) been reverted to DEV on ALL sites, so the current content of those packages is for sure still what has been active in production before.
  • NE BAS (package status) combined with baseline date: these packages may have been reverted to DEV again (though they may also still be in BAK status still waiting for revert to DEV to be completed).
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Report Specs: 

Backed out packages waiting revert - specs

Report Variables: 

Because of the nature of this report, it doesn't have/require any report variables.

asr_report | by Dr. Radut