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Synchronize DEV staging library list with catalog

Summary: Verify and correct discrepancies between the zOS catalog and the staging DSNs registered in CMNPMAST as allocated.

To better illustrate this discrepancy, consider this example: using CMN/ZMF’s function “query package”, and then asking for “development staging libraries”, you get a list with, say, 14 entries of staging DSNs that, according to CMN/ZMF, have been allocated already (defer = N).

However, using ISPF 3.4 with a mask that matches the DSN model for the staging DSNs of the same change package, you get a list with, say, “only” 13 entries, the staging DSN for some libtype seems to be missing.

Such discrepancies may lead to failures while trying to audit or freeze a change package. They may be caused by (unwanted) situations like:

  • Removal of staging DSNs from the zOS catalog via some process that is different from CMN/ZMF’s housekeeping process for aging of staging data sets.
  • The CMN/ZMF started task failing to allocate a staging DSN, e.g. because of missing authorizations, while they are registered in CMNPMAST as allocated anyway.
  • Update of the “defer allocation of staging library” in application administration (from Y to N) for a specific library type, which leads to inconsistencies in existing change packages that do not have any components of this library type; Even allocating (manually) these staging libraries for all existing packages is not enough to get them registered in CMNPMAST.
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Synchronize development staging library list with the catalog - variables



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