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Verify/alloc/delete of BAS- PROM- or PROD DSNs

Summary: Create a set of baskets for a single application (alternative: for all applications). Each basket contains all DSNs defined in application administration as production DSNs, baseline DSNs or promotion DSNs. Read more »

Solution Variables: 

Verify/alloc/delete of BAS- PROM- or PROD DSNs - variables

The above screen (via Appl id within Target selection) shows that this solution can be used for just 1 application, or for all (dozens? hundreds?) applications in 1 shot.

Also note that this solution (via Site within Target selection) can be used to process "ALL" sites together, or to process just 1 site (e.g. a new promotion or production target added in various applications) and eventually to be repeated for a 2nd site.

To understand how the output of this solution looks like, and how to further process that output, checkout the various steps in the scenario below.

Synchronize DEV staging library list with catalog

Summary: Verify and correct discrepancies between the zOS catalog and the staging DSNs registered in CMNPMAST as allocated. Read more »

Solution Variables: 

Synchronize development staging library list with the catalog - variables

Recreate xNode DSNs for selected frozen pkgs

Summary: Submit a request to recreate the X-node DSNs for all frozen packages, optionally limited to only those packages that contain components of a specific library type. Read more »

Solution Variables: 

Recreate xNode DSNs for selected FRZ pkgs - variables

Change the creator Id of a package

Summary: Change the creator ID of a change package to another userid, something that is typically done for none-BAS packages created by somebody who left the company. Read more »

Solution Variables: 

Change the creator Id of a package - variables

Update install date for all expired packages (limbo)

Summary: Mass update the planned install date of all change package with “install date passed” to the new (future) install date. Read more »

Solution Variables: 

Update install date for all expired packages (limbo) - variables

AbitMORE SCM Commander - Solutions

AbitMORE SCM Commander’s solution center is a set of ISPF dialogs (ASC solutions) to perform various CMN/ZMF tasks, and this via all sorts of XML services that are executed from within those dialogs. These XML services are hidden within the ASC solutions (and/or the batchjob that may get submitted to complete a request), so that the users of these solutions do not have to know anything about using XML services.

The need for these ASC solutions seem to exist at many CMN/ZMF customers. Each of them have been developed starting from real world needs, e.g. within the context of a CMN/ZMF helpdesk project where many of these solutions have proven to be very helpful. Read more »

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