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Another business case for Software Change Management ... years 23 weeks ago
AbitMORE's presentation at (2012) : Keeping ChangeMan ZMF environments in perfect shape years 27 weeks ago
Intro to our session (mainframe track, Monday): 10 issues in nearly any ChangeMan ZMF environment ... years 37 weeks ago
XML is the best that ever happened in ChangeMan ZMF! Learn at how we push ZMF's XML limits or checkout years 37 weeks ago
Using XML for ChangeMan ZMF reporting is not always an option! Learn about our alternatives at or visit years 37 weeks ago
Get ready for ChangeMan ZMF at 's and follow or checkout @ — 11 years 37 weeks ago
Thanks for following. Look forward to sharing more info, as on years 39 weeks ago
COI = company where I had my 1st ChangeMan ZMF pre-sales experience (1990). We lost it, reason = no CSP support in ZMF then! — 11 years 42 weeks ago
Can't wait for (or make it to) our new ChangeMan ZMF story on Sept 10 (4pm) at 2012? Follow us or visit years 45 weeks ago
AbitMORE's presentation at 's conference (): Top10 of CMN/ZMF Customizations years 32 weeks ago
For dessert at lunchtime at : checkout the AbitMORE SCM booth again for a new release of Belgian chocolats ... — 12 years 35 weeks ago

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