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Never promoted frozen packages

Summary: Visualize the applications with FRZ packages that have never been promoted to any promotion target.

A frozen package implies that the package is waiting approvals, and ready to be shipped to production. It's a common business practise to only allow package in FRZ status to be promoted to the highest level(s) of promotion (like to a QA environment). But if a FRZ package has not ever been promoted to any promotion target, what environment would have been used to for unit testing or integration testing?

Report ID: 
Report Specs: 

Never promoted frozen packages - specs

Report Variables: 

Because of the nature of this report, it doesn't have/require any report variables.

Report Output: 

Never promoted frozen packages - output (chart)
This graph shows the number of such FRZ packages by application, it seems like there are a few applications that are worth further investigation (about which environment they use to perform their actual testing). By swapping the APPL and PKG CREATOR data the graph reveals similar data by package creator ...

Note: the above graph was created by asking for saving the report in basket format (a kind of CSV format), and then downloading or eMailing the report output to a workstation. On the workstation it was opened in a spreadsheet application that accepts CSV files to read from, after which some standard graphing features where applied to build the chart.

asr_report | by Dr. Radut