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All checkout requests not moving anymore

Summary: List all components in CHECKOUT status, checked out before a given date.

A typical reason for creating such report (and recreating it periodically) is to actually delete such components from staging, as illustrated in remove dead checkout requests. Here are some reasons for doing so:

  • reduces the amount of components hanging around in staging libraries already for a very long time.
  • it usually doesn't really hurt to delete such components from staging (one can always check it out again if it was accidently deleted).
  • reduces the amount of potential CMN/ZMF audit errors (synch-flags), i.e. in case the baseline 0 content has changed since the checkout date.
  • reduces the amount of parallel development notifications.
Report ID: 
Report Specs: 

All checkout requests that don’t move anymore - specs

Report Variables: 

All checkout requests that don’t move anymore - report variables
The available report variable #RPTV_TIME_FRAME allows for specifying the desired cut-off date.

Report Output: 

All checkout requests that don’t move anymore - output (XML basket)

asr_report | by Dr. Radut