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Staged components without updates

Summary: List all staged components checked out before, but without any updates as compared to the baseline.

Here is the clue for creating such report (the selection criteria):

  • the hashing total of the baseline 0 version of the component at checkout time should not be all zeroes (which limits the list to only those components for which a checkout was performed, so for sure a baseline 0 version of the component does exist).
  • the hashing total of the staged component is identical to the hashing total of the baseline version of the component at checkout time.
  • the component should be of type like SRC, like CPY or like PDS.

Such report (and recreating it periodically) helps spotting CMN/ZMF users (via the userid corresponding to the stage request of such components) that do not know about CMN/ZMF's function recompile from baseline (or for some reason don't use it).

Here are some reasons for trying to replace such components by an equivalent recompile from baseline:

  • reduces the amount of components in staging libraries that don't have to be there (same result can be achieved via recompile from baseline).
  • reduces the amount of potential CMN/ZMF audit warnings (DUPLIC-flags).

Note: by asking for the report to be formatted as a basket, it should be straight forward to replace these components in the same packages with a recompile from baseline equivalent, via a scenario similar to remove dead checkout requests, and which can be summarized as follows:

  • first launch the basket to perform a delete from staging for all these components.
  • then launch the basket again to request a recompile from baseline for all these components in the same change packages.
  • wait for all recompiles to be completed, and build a similar report (basket) containing all recompiles from baseline (optionally narrowed down with some extra report filtering criteria like date/time of recompile). Compare this new report with the original report (to ensure that each component is replace by a corresponding recompile from baseline).
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Staged component without updates - specs

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Because of the nature of this report, it doesn't have/require any report variables.

asr_report | by Dr. Radut