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Does ASI store loads in IDD or in PDSs ?

For ADSO executables, AbitMORE ® SCM for IDMS/ADSO (ASI for short) offers an administrator choice about where to store ADSO executables: either in IDD load areas, or in regular PDS members. This choice may vary from one target to another (e.g.: lowest level of promotion in IDD load areas, while for the highest level of promotion they are to be stored in IDD load areas).

In case the executables are to be stored in IDD load areas, they will be delivered in these target IDD load areas via traditional IDMSDDDL jobsteps, which will use the IDD executables stored in staging libraries as input. These IDD executables were stored in the staging libraries during the staging job (submitted by ChangeMan ZMF due to a check-in/stage request), using IDMSDDDL facilities to punch the load module stored in the IDD environment used as input for the staging process.

faq | by Dr. Radut