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<CMN/ZMF Performance Tuning>

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Remove dead checkout requests

Summary: Create a basket of dead checkout requests (using ASR's built-in report DEADCKOS). Then use ASC's basket processing to delete all such components from their packages. Read more »

Basket processing applied to ASR report PCORPHN

Summary: Create a basket of orphan component promotion history records (using ASR's built-in report PCORPHN). Then use ASC's basket processing to remove all these orphan component promotion history entries. Read more »

Basket processing

Using XML services in ChangeMan ZMF (CMN/ZMF) is great. It has allowed many CMN/ZMF users to create all sorts of customizations and applications that interface with CMN/ZMF, all based on the XML services that are delivered with CMN/ZMF.However, many of these CMN/ZMF users also want to automate various tasks that are typically repeated for a “list” of: Read more »

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