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All components in all DFZ pkgs

Summary: List all components that reside in all packages in status DEV or FRZ.

Such list (inventory) could be used to run an CMPONENT/HISTORY/LIST xml service, which avoids running this specific XML service for all components (= *.*) in a ChangeMan ZMF subsystem (running this XML for *.* is quite a challenge for ChangeMan ZMF if that subsystem has a lot of component history records).

By formatting the report output as an XML basket (a special type of CSV file, with XML tags in the header record), as in the sample below, it can be used as input for AbitMORE SCM Commander's basket processing (e.g. to run the above mentioned XML service, but without challenging ChangeMan ZMF by it).

A variation of this report is to select only the packages in BAS status (just change IN DEV,FRZ in the report definition to BAS), and include the actual BAS date and BAS time. By sorting on component name, component type and BAS date and BAS time, you could easily post-process the report output to only retain the record with the most current BAS date/time.

Report ID: 
Report Specs: 

All components in all DFZ pkgs - specs

Report Variables: 

Because of the nature of this report, it doesn't have/require any report variables.

Report Output: 

All components in all DFZ pkgs - output (XML basket)

Report Jobstats: 

All components in all DFZ pkgs - jobstats
Note the elapsed time and CPU consumption for creating this report (with over 40 K components written to the output). Try to do this with vanilla XML services: how can you do so, how long would it run, and how much CPU would it take?

asr_report | by Dr. Radut