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I get a S069 abend when running a lot of XMLs, what's wrong?

To understand what's happening, just submit an XML request to recreate the XNODE dataset (like online command "F5"), and this for enough (like a few hundreds?) of packages. Assuming that the ChangeMan ZMF started task uses ASID=(24,40), sooner or later you'll run into this problem, which translates to something like an address space job thinking "I give up waiting to start executing".

To reduce the amount of packages needed to provoke such S069 abend, just tune the ASID parm in the wrong way (to learn from mistakes): change the ASID=(24,40) to ASID=(24,1). This will reduce the nr of mins to wait before an address space job abends with a S069 from 40 minutes to only 1 minute.

And to put more pressure on the STC, reduce the 24 to (say) just 4 or so. Assume each CMNxADSP job needs 1 minute to complete, then your 5th or 6th CMNxADSP waiting in the queue will (should!) fail with a S069 ... get the idea?

Attention: using an ASID=(4,1) is not really a good idea (you're asking for such S069 problems). It is just a way to really understand what a S069 is all about ... without the need for hundreds of packages run into a S069 ...

faq | by Dr. Radut